January 15, 2009

The Beginning

Hello. My name is Kim, and this is my new gardening blog.

I'm not completely new to gardening. When I was younger, I insisted on planting vegetable plants in the flowerbed along the west side of the house. Not exactly the greatest soil - more like a rock garden, really. Nonetheless, somehow I managed to produce one very small green pepper and a small eggplant. Prized treasures!

Last year, I started several vegetables from seed. Most of them sprouted, but I was very late transplanting them to the large bins I had placed along the south side of the house. I ended up with three Sweet 100 cherry tomato plants, a Sweet Cluster tomato plant, two basil plants, three jalepenos, and one bell pepper. I had a bountiful harvest, in my opinion. I ended up making a jar of the best salsa ever, tomato sauce, and lots of cherry tomatoes that were eaten straight off the vine.

After the end of the season, my husband and I had a serious discussion about what our gardening plans were for the upcoming year. We expressed much interest in growing a large amount of vegetables that could not only be utilized during the year, but also canned or frozen for future use. We had come to the conclusion that our lives will become more healthful if we reduce our dependency on large grocery store produce and renew our appreciation of slow foods. It was decided that we would section off half of our back yard and create a large vegetable garden.

As it stands right now, it is unamended soil covered in snow. In the following posts, I will describe and photograph our progress towards creating our very own victory garden.

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