March 8, 2009

Seeds Sown


Brussels Sprouts, Diablo
Broccoli, Beaumont
Cauliflower, Early Dawn
Lettuces, Jericho and Matina Sweet Butterhead


Parsley, Gigante d'Italia
Thyme, English
Jalepenos, Jalisco
Bell Pepper, Quadrato d'Asti
Hot Pepper Mix, Hungarian Wax, Anaheim. Large Cherry and Long Red Cayenne plus Jalapeno

I kinda jumped the gun with the peppers. Most sites say 3/14 for my climate, but I know they had a pretty rough start last year and had extremely stunted growth. My jalepenos were still prolific. The bell pepper only gave up one. Hopefully I'll be able to baby and nourish them better this year. Frankly, I had no idea when to start the herbs. I took a stab in the dark. I didn't sow nearly as many seeds this time. Last year I placed about 10 of each type of seed into a peat pellet. No wonder they died.

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