February 23, 2009

Calendar of Events

Subject to change

Date of LAST FROST: May 9, 2009

3/7: Sow Broccoli, Brussels, Cauliflower, and Lettuce indoors
3/14: Sow Peppers indoors
3/21: Sow Tomatoes indoors
4/11: Sow Radishes DIRECTLY in containers. Set out Lettuce.
4/18: Sow Cucumbers indoors. Set Brussels outdoors
4/20: Plant Potatoes DIRECTLY
4/25: Sow Carrots DIRECTLY. Sow Beets DIRECTLY in containers. Set Broccoli and Cauliflower outdoors.
5/16: Set out Tomatoes and Cucumbers
5/23: Sow Beans DIRECTLY. Set out Peppers.

I'll most likely have two other containers to experiment with. I definitely want to try radishes and beets. Other possibilities include Swiss Chard, Spinach, or Eggplant.

This list also doesn't include herbs. I'll update this list as I figure it all out.

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McKenzie said...

Great timeline! I need to make a timeline as well - and get some of my seeds started indoors!