February 15, 2009


Unfortunately the rains came and we were unable to get a head start on our soil last week. We will have to do the best we can this spring and hope for another warm breeze to make its way through the midwest.

I placed my online order for seeds last week as well. I ordered from John Scheepers. I ordered from them last year and was impressed with their prompt delivery and packaging. The seeds seemed to be in good order and a large number of them germinated, given my inexperience. I do need to do more research about their policies regarding Monsanto. I know they offer both hybrid and open-pollinated seeds. I purchased a few hybrids to ensure a little consistency to my first backyard garden. In particular, I purchased the Big Beef Beefsteak Tomatoes to round out other heirloom and open pollinated varieties I will be planting.

What else did I purchase, you ask?

Blue Lake Pole Beans
Sweet Slice Cucumbers
Alibi Pickling Cucumbers
Jericho Romaine Lettuce
Matina Sweet Butterhead Lettuce
Beaumont Broccoli
Early Dawn Cauliflower
Diablo Brussels Sprouts
Royal Chantenay Carrots

Now I will (im)patiently wait for Tony the Mailman to deliver my babies!

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